replantin’ has received a R&D grant from the IIA

replantin’ has announced recently that the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA) has just confirmed
the approval of the Company’s application for an R&D grant.
replantin’ aims to bring the next generation of vertical farming system and tackle the
independency and the cost of produce in a way it simplifies the growing process, secure quality
and food safety and eliminate the heavily labor involved, on top of all the above benefits of the
vertical farming solutions.
The grant will be fund for the company’s R&D to develop its autonomous growing units in its
new R&D facility in the country. The research and development will focus on improving yield
capacity, improve crops’ quality and increase unit efficiency.
The grant from the IIA validated the technology of replantin’ as leading innovation in the space
of vertical farming and supporting its efforts to lead the way in this market.

About replantin’

replantin’ is a leading ag-food tech company, developing data-driven instore vertical farms fully
automated and fully monitored (CEA) located inside stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and
more and providing safe, healthy and fresh produce, 365 days a year

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