replantin’ has developed the first fully automated Instore unit to grow greens

With a world population expected to grow ~25% to nearly 10 billion by 2050 and overall rising
global median income, shown to be highly correlated with caloric intake, food production will
need to increase by more than 50% to feed 10 billion people. With existing current production
challenged by climate change stabilization and land degradation, growing, and supply of food
would need to revolutionize dramatically promptly (Silverwood Partners, September 2022).
With that in mind, replantin’ has developed a fully automated in-store growing unit to be deployed
in retailers’ stores, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, providing fresh, healthy, and safe produce
without the need for professional or skilled personnel.
Our growing unit manages the growing cycles from the seed to a packed product with no human
involvement, keeping food safety at its highest level, and creating beautiful and healthy produce.
The process involved advanced technology of artificial intelligence and big data, making the
optimal conditions for the plants to grow, reacting and preventing any agronomical cases and
keeping the plants safe and nutritious.
The new growing unit will be commercially available early next year and will be part of the
company’s commercial deployment to its customers.

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