Our new website was launched !

replantin’ has announced today that it has launched its new website at the beginning of December 2023 where more information about its technology and produce are shared and disclosed.

The new website is developed and designed as a platform to collect and share information both on vertical farming and fresh produce and the development in replantin’.

That will be the first time that replantin’ expose PICI – its Produce Integrated Cultivation Instrument which is a fresh produce vending machine, fully autonomous and fully monitored growing unit.

PICI consolidates the entire supply chain, growing produce from seeds to harvest, providing safe, healthy, and fresh produce, 365 days a year to be located inside retailers’ stores and food services facilities. We will share more information in the upcoming releases.




About replantin’

replantin’ is a leading ag-food tech company, developing data-driven instore vertical farms fully automated and fully monitored (CEA) located

inside stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more and providing safe, healthy and fresh produce, 365 days a yearץ


For more information, contact : info@replantin.com

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