More and more herbs are getting into our farms

Everything starts with the seed and replantin’ invests huge efforts in its research to bring
adequate seeds for its vertical farming units. When we think about our farms, we think about the
best nature can create. This reflects in our seeds – higher yield, higher level of nutrition and
vitamins, longer shelf life, and much more.
Growing plants in vertical farming bring its challenges and require specific know-how of
what will be optimal conditions for a plant to grow and serve our health.
Developing seeds that consume fewer resources like water and light, needs less human
involvement in their growing process and reaching a higher level of nutrition and vitamins is a
a critical component to its existence.
That said, we aim to expand our variety constantly, bringing more choices to
consumers, chefs, and others. Enriching tastes, smells, and textures
It is all about ingredients! The fresher they are, the tastier, healthier, and richer the food we eat.
Replantin’ is aiming to reach its 100th crop by the end of this year, offering its customers an
increasing variety of fruits and vegetables in their best shape and taste.

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